Knights of the Island


From sea level to heights of over 3,000 meters: Cool your heels in a ski suit at temperatures of -5°C, or don that new bikini to bake on a simmering, 35°C beach. The European 5000 Rally—where you’ll experience everything from snow-covered mountain tops and dusty desert sands to the turquoise surf splashing against the rocks as you wend your way through the secluded stretches of old Europe. Gear up in September for the most exciting adventure rally in the Old World—The European 5000 —from stately Munich to charming Amsterdam. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Conquer old Europe in new ways on this all-senses-buzzing journey. Enlist a vehicle as your trusty steed for your road trip along the forgotten thoroughfares of Europe, but leave your GPS and navigation systems at home—rely on your intuition and a good-ol’ map and compass to lead you 5,000 km through the heart of Europe.

This is The European 5000 Rally.
It’s time for your next adventure.


Rally Date: September 08th - 20th, 2018

Sign-up is OPEN!

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