The Vehicle



To take part in the ultimate road trip across Europe, your rally vehicle only needs to fill one requirement:
It has to be at least 20 years old

If you’re a connoisseur of French or Italian cars, consider touring the scenic country roads of the Côte d’Azur and Provence in a stylish Citroën DS or 2CV, Lancia Delta Integrale, Renault R 4 or Fiat 500.

If you’re looking for some solid wheels to snake along coastlines and bump down mysterious dirt roads, how about snagging a Mercedes/8, Saab 900, VW Käfer, Audi 100 or Ford Granada? Or, why not go Eastern Bloc retro with the all-purpose Lada Niva or the miracle in plastic, the Trabant?

The European 5000 Vehicle Checklist:

Modern classic or vintage cars: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/2000)

Modern classic or vintage bikes: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/2000) – a two-wheeler team can consist of no more than 2 bikes

Commercial vehicles
Modern classic or vintage trucks: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/2000). RVs (camper vans/motorhomes/trailer) are not permitted. Buses – e.g. VW T3 and T4, GMC Vandura, Ford Transit – are not considered to be RVs. Vehicles built exclusively to function as RVs (e.g. with sleeping niches, etc.) are not permitted.

There is no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle.

You can still sign up even if you haven’t gotten your vehicle yet. You have until the start of the rally to find your perfect set of wheels.

How do I find my ideal rally car?
Did your loyal old lemon lose something kinda crucial, like a door or a tailpipe, leaving you with Aunt Betty’s sparkling Toyota Prius to risk on those less-traveled roads? Sounds like you need to hop on the Internet and search for your ultimate rally vehicle. There are a number of affordable, quality vehicles that are offered on some used-car websites that’d be perfect for your road trip and also conform to the rules and regs of The European Rally.

The environment sends its thanks!
Because cars that old weren’t exactly built to the highest ecological standards, we ask that all teams offset the carbon footprint of their vehicles and of the miles driven.
The CO2 that each team’s vehicle emits can be offset through donations to certain environmental organizations.

Fact Box

  • Vehicle 20 years or older
  • Cars, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles allowed
  • no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle