The Route


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Andorra, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Follow the sun through the continent...

The European 5000 is an adventure rally that is sure to challenge you and your team. It is not a guided tour. We won’t give you a route to take that you have to follow. Where would the challenge and the fun be if you were chained to the bumper of the car in front of you? You set up camp wherever you want, and you decide which way to turn at each fork in the road—this should be exactly the adventure youwere looking for.

…That having been said, we will, of course, provide each team its very own “Roadbook” at the rally start. The Roadbook, aside from providing directions to various meet-and-greet points and the official S.A.C. parties along the way, is also filled with offbeat missions and novel “road challenges” in special locations. If you and your teammates are able to decode the cryptic portions of the Roadbook, you’ll have the chance to live it up with us at some pretty breathtaking locations. No task in the Roadbook is mandated, but all options are open!