The Rally



Travel 12 days through 10 countries of the old continent, cruise 5,000 kilometers along forgotten lanes through lost parts of the heart of Europe, worlds away from the tourist swarms. The European 5000 roadtrip is a hefty adventure stuffed into a compact timeframe.

You and your team will experience firsthand the surprising contrasts within Europe as you lumber together along the icy mountain passes of the Alps, ride the curves above the steep coastlines of the Mediterranean and the endless beaches of the Atlantic Coast, climb to the secluded summits of the Pyrenees, and snake through the deserts of Spain.
With The 5000 European adventure rally, we gently guide you through the heart of Europe.

What are you waiting for? Be an adventurer! Sign up now! The European Rally is kicking off for the 5th time in 2018 after four amazing trips since 2014 — and there’s room for only a limited number of teams.

Fact Box

  • 12 days of pure adventure
  • 10 countries
  • 5,000 km
  • Start in Munich
  • Finish in Amsterdam
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Andorra, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands
  • European Metropolises: Milan, Nice, Barcelona, Paris, Zaragoza, Turin